Monday, December 3, 2012


Malahide by infomatique
Malahide, a photo by infomatique on Flickr.

Malahide's roots are to be found in the far distant past. Recent excavations have revealed traces of a settlement dating back to 6000BC. The Danes made encroachments in the 8th century and established a base, and finally in the 12th century, the Normans made their appearance with the installation of Sir Richard Talbot as Lord of Malahide Estate in 1174. That dynasty lasted for 8 centuries up to the death of Milo Talbot in 1973. Malahide Castle and demesne is now under the care of Dublin County Council.

In the 18th and early 19th century Malahide was very much a thriving industrial centre. Industries included a silk factory, cotton manufacturing, salt works and cod liver oil manufacture. The coming of rail links in the 19th century began the development of Malahide as both a residential and tourist town. Valiant local effort has ensured that despite its aura of modernity, Malahide still retains its Old World charm and elegance.

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